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For briefing on [THAILANDIMPRESSION] MEDIA INTERNATIONAL in TRILLIGUAL by monthly, which was registered in Thailand, with its circulation in the cities of the nations[Bangkok,Chiangmai,Dublin,Shenzhen,Chengdu,Kunming,Guangzhou,Shanghai.etc,]with its compliment of the printed monthly copies in 40,000 volumes, we also offer a fast speed channel to our readers at international levels, with the high platform built up ONLINE UPDATED NEWS to the media explorers ,for its circulating free in the large public places; such as in Thai-airway, China-Airway Air-Asia and South China airway ticketing offices in the nationwide; the local travel agencies, Thai and Chinese restaurants, TAT[china offices],Thai Consul General in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Kunming ..,etc around China;


The 1st —with its full reportages of the events& news occurred in the associations of Chinese merchants, Thai & foreign chambers of commerce in BKK

The 2nd—soly and exclusively in trilingual media interviewing with the ambassadors of DENMARK,NORWAY,SWITZERLAND,BELGIUM,HOLLAND,FINLAND,EU,PORTUGAL,IRELAND,AUSTRIA.,etc,with its reportage of the legend complimentary with the copies of newly-issued ones at embassies.

The 3rd—succeeded in linkage with the national website of IRELAND TOURISM BUREAU as so to enhance the multiple channels into European markets.

The 4th—-in coordination with TAT [TOURIST AUTHORITY OF THAILAND] in public sector and with[ATTA,THA]in private sectors as far as many related tourism groups for hand to hand cooperation.

The 5th—-available in the associations of Chinese-Thai merchants in Thailand;

The 6th —seen at the luggage area of Thai international airports and China;

The7th—supported by the background of the Sino-Thailand association of friendship.

The 8th—available in the large shopping areas– KING POWER shopping center ,where the millions of Chinese do big shopping there;

For decades, we had made significant achievements in promoting and bridging the friendship & multiple-linkages between two nations. For example, in 2009,[THAILAND IMPRESSION] MEDIA used to be main coordinator for making the cooperation between CCTV and TAT in filming the TV series titled as [Go around Asia and Enter Thailand], with its broadcasting worldwide, in excellent results, we had made the social influencea which won the overwhelmingly applauses oversea and at home.

Editor in chief & Director
Darwin Lee