Thailand which is so uniquely splendid in the southeast Asia,is blended with the historical monuments, the temples and folk customs, among modern cities, it is full of rich and colorful elements in its characteristics as the melting pot of international cultures, but the elephant culture is regarded as one of the most representative ones of Thai cultures.

In Thai history, in the ancient battlefield, the elephant used to play a key role, over the hundreds of years, Thailand now renders its unique culture of tourism by attracting the people around the world, as you can so far see in Thailand, everywhere appear the figures of elephant, in the modern times, the Thai people continue to explore the roles of elephants which enable to play a new role in tourism.

Since then, the elephant culture was raised upon the new way of Thai tourism promotion, such as the elephant games, the elephant beauty category, the elephant sculptures, the elephant garments, the elephant crafts and other related activities.

In many hotels and resorts in Thailand, as you have a close contact with the elephant sculptures, full of the primitively simple

Among Thai folk customs the newly-wed couples from all over the world, come over to have a feeling differently, in their lifetime they have spent their own honeymoon there by accepting the blessings from the elephants in Thailand.

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