Starting from the prehistory of Thailand till today, it is called Phi Ta Khon[ ghost mask wearing days ]as parts of Thai folk festival, joyfully seen in Loei Province once a year so largely.

The one of the traditional custom activities, it is deeply beloved by the domestic and foreign tourists, TAT renders helping hands with local tourism agency each year to run the opening ceremony.

This is full of the folk culture and customs, the local people enable to make directly dialogue with ghosts and gods, any ghost players who requires to make strut, twisting the hips and waist as well, as the Thai folk music began to sound, accommodated with the rhythm striking by the nut shell hung on the neck of the buffalos

The ghost mask wearing days, somehow it is said that it is a heritage of the ancestral culture with Thai styles fitting to the idea of the creators.

During the festival, the person wearing a mask of ghost, which give off the terror of the ghost to the pedestrians on the roadside for suddenly attack, even the children and women feel so panic, evenly make a cry, in this special day, the mischievous behavior can be understood and accepted by local people.

The festival is filled with the ceremony and made so uniquely as the symbols of totem labeled with local characteristics whatever appearing in male sexual organs or female ones.

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